Swim across the river

I was trying to run my mind away on the treadmill yesterday, and realized I am also running away from certain feelings, acceptance of deeper yet simple truths. Yes, I am sensitive as a person. Yes, I love a lot. Yes, recently I have blamed myself for loving the wrong people and doubting my capabilities... Continue Reading →



Love is beautiful, it is giving someone the power to destroy you but putting faith in them, that they will not. Unfortunately most often to be honest, the power is misused. But also, if they go away doesn't mean that you didn't love enough. Well, It is going to destroy you but it will also... Continue Reading →

Letter for the lost love

Dear Old love, Today, I would do anything to have you read this letter as I just wanted to tell you with gone, it has all become better and clearer. I thought of love as a fairy tale, like any other teenage girl. The princess, the prince, the love and the happily ever after. After... Continue Reading →

A New Door

The sun rose this morning, I woke up happy. As I was drinking my coffee, a simple yet powerful thought crossed my mind. I remembered my best friend ask me once, why are you feeling so much? So much for a person who made a choice to leave you? Really why would you give such... Continue Reading →

The lost star

"The reason it is not how you wanted it to be, the reason they get away, the reason it didn't happen is not always because of a person but mostly circumstance and time " I tell myself and take in a deep breath. It has been bothering me for a while, hanging on top of... Continue Reading →

Dissolve into love

Tonight I wonder why the moon did not come out, it never occurred to me that I am going to miss it this much. It used to fill my hollows with a sliver light, my mind with hope. I had neither now, did I trick myself into love? I wondered . I feel so low,... Continue Reading →

The Cracks

Walking back home, I told myself that I was okay and it will all be okay. I did for a month now. Everything slowly has started making sense to me, I have finally let gone of all that hurt me. It was not easy, that I know but I also know that when it all... Continue Reading →

Little Mumbles

Sometimes the breathing gets  heavier and truth gets lighter, it's over and now no hope would revive what was. Maybe somewhere I don't want a revival , for I think the type of love I believe in is out there but will come with the right time . Some people’s emotions go deeper than others,... Continue Reading →


I felt confused until this day, confident yet confused. I know all is over, nothing that I can really do since it works two ways... But more than closure, I just to want to now know whether it was love at all? When he left me without a closure, apart from missing him with every... Continue Reading →

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