He was a lone traveler and I, just a simple person living in my alternate reality. He came to the city I lived in, searching for himself; a meaning to his life because that’s who he was a man who loved to travel. Instead he found me. He showed me a beautiful world, he showed me what two people together can make this world into.

He used to hold my hand, look into my eyes and told me how beautiful I was. I believed in everything he said, looked forward to each day with him. He made me happy, when I was with him the days and nights were hazy. Life could keep going on and I would stand here, staring at him as he was my wonder.  When I looked in his eyes, they were an endless ocean. When I held his hand, I felt so complete. His smile shined like the moon in my starry sky.

We lived together, made a world together but he was a traveler.  Little did I forget that they don’t stay?

It was a dark morning, I woke up and the other side of the bed was empty. He just left. No notes, no letter, no good-bye. Just….. Gone. I hadn’t felt so empty my whole life, soulless, lifeless.

Since then I waited, in hope that maybe one day the sun will shine and he will be back. I needed to see him just to tell myself whatever it was real. I forgot that reality is merely an illusion too.

I don’t know what he told me about himself was true or not, I don’t know what we had been in real or not but it left me damaged. One fine day I woke up and I realized, there is no guarantee that the person who was in love with you would never fall out of it, there was a spark but he left because he wanted it to just remain a spark.

People make choices for themselves and do not realized how it affects the other. Maybe that is alright, if they left, there was no point thinking I wish they stayed another day..they would leave someday or other. Within a blink of an eye it was over, Today I am happy it is.


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