The best part of me

On a call yesterday with one of my childhood friends, revisiting all our memories from family to relationships … I thought to myself… “Oh! how lucky am I to have certain people in my life even if they are distant they are still my people ”

Some friends are like family, sometimes even more than relationships. They are the ones who continuously look out for you in their own ways. Some can be possessive about you (Katherine), Some are on a hold but a constant look out (Rachel) , Some always ask you “you okay?”(Patty) ,Some don’t show it but secretly keep one eye open to see what you are up to (Suzanne) and Some just know you will come home to them (Mia). We don’t always make the best decisions, but they don’t judge us for it. We can tell them anything and they listen without thinking poorly about us. They understand who we are enough to not need to judge us for anything. They love us unconditionally.Your best friend encourages you to make changes and believe that you will not fail. They have faith in you more than you have in yourself.

Like Katherine and Rachel… They have been through it all, whether it was seeing me eat a lot of chocolate pastry or drink a lot of coffee to having crazy nicknames and discussions over matters that now seem funny. Going nutty on the streets together to being wild. We also have had our share of childish fight and going months without talking! and the nights of horror movies and cheesy talks to waiting for tonight. Distance might have us apart but some friendships are beyond miles and kilometers, they are from the memory lane. If you miss them you pick up the phone and call them… each time you meet them even if it was a year ago it would feel like yesterday.  Thats the thing with childhood friends ,they were with you, while growing up when you were developing your personality . Some things are simple, pure and best … that is friendship.

We all have a set of new friends who feel like forever, as we grow up we realized that it is important to have someone as weird as you and someone you can learn from as well . Someone who doesn’t judge but also some one who cares enough to stop you from the wrong path. Like  Suzanne and Patty, I met them recently over an event where I was trying to put together an event and I consulted them as they were better on the subject than me.  Gradually we hung out more often and now they are a part of my life. They taught me a lot. Patty always believed that now matter how rude this world is to you, you do your part… Do your thing no matter how much someone tries to put you down, because we all have a role in this world. She taught me how to be humble.  Well, on the other hand Suzanne taught me somethings are just black and white, sometimes we have to take a stand now matter how vulnerable our emotions are. They just make me a better person each day, stronger and confident.

In the end, we have the soulmate.There is a a click and everything makes sense.Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. It’s a simple relationship, they share the “bond”. Where communications aren’t essential, you know the way they feel without them verbally expressing… They can hide from the whole world but they come and hide beside you. They are home, no matter where they are they are as close to us as our hearts… pumping the blood and keeping us alive.  It can be anyone, but for me it’s Mia.

Friendship is a gift, it’s thick like blood. Some people stick with you even if they have the option to leave, that’s true friendship and that is treasure. No friendship is an accident, it is a lot of effort and a lot of love.

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” ~ William Shakespeare



Dedicated to all my girls : Katherine,Mia,Patty,Rachel and Suzanne


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