Little Mumbles

Sometimes the breathing gets  heavier and truth gets lighter, it’s over and now no hope would revive what was. Maybe somewhere I don’t want a revival , for I think the type of love I believe in is out there but will come with the right time .

Some people’s emotions go deeper than others, I am a person with immense feelings. The deeper my emotions, the longer it will take for me to heal, I know that. But sooner or later I will begin to feel alive again and I will learn to accept this new feeling. . So patience is all that we need . I realized when I didn’t give up on what was over a long time back for so long, then why do i give up on myself so easily?
I need to pick myself, dust myself and keep walking. So here I am taking small steps to heal my heart, It is broken I won’t deny but I know only I have the strength and persistence to make it whole again . It’s a broken heart, Its my heart …. I am the only one who can mend it.

The problem with broken hearted people is that we relive our misery over and over again.This habit can, and must, be broken, or-else it sets us in an infinite loop. There comes this time where pain will become unhealthy and it will reflect on your physical bodies. The transformation is inside where you develop your habits of thoughts differently.

In a situation like this , there is often a backlog of emotional learning to get through, you have lost a lot of time over analysing what has happened… When?What?Why? and It’s only human to feel that . Do one bit at a time, start with small things like enjoying the sunlight, having a small cup of coffee, exploring new places, joining new classes or taking up a hobby.  Your unconscious mind will protect you, and give you a rest so that you can deal with the next bit not just emotionally but physically as well. You will learn to step out of the memories … all of the memories – for good, leave them behind, and start a new life. Trust me you OWE yourself that.

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