Love is beautiful, it is giving someone the power to destroy you but putting faith in them, that they will not. Unfortunately most often to be honest, the power is misused.
But also, if they go away doesn’t mean that you didn’t love enough. Well, It is going to destroy you but it will also create new you. A better version of you, a finer you , a deeper you, and unconditional version of your love. It is the cycle of nature they say, metamorphosis .
You may not understand it soon, it is never sudden. It a slow process, but one fine day, it will make sense .After drowning in your grief a million times, after continuously asking yourself whether the love you gave was enough or you could have given more there comes a turn in your life. A turn that changes the path of your life, you take the leap of faith after all.

With that one little step, everything changes. Light becomes more friendly, sun becomes more soothing, stars look like they are dancing to the beat of your heart, the clouds look like the shapes of different animals, and the beloved moon.. will have the most beautiful smile.

When pain comes along our way we get swallowed by how much we are hurt, how we can’t accept the thing happening. We create a room for ourselves where we are captured,  situations and people give us pain , but we give ourself sufferings when we don’t want to give up on that one thing that was the cause of it all in the end.
It’s true, even if we don’t want to give it up, one fine morning you wake up and realize that you are doing to yourself worse than what they did to you.
That day, you will completely understand this deep, emotionally exhausting process and you will grow towards self knowledge and happiness. You will break the loop, be free and nothing will pain anymore but there will be just beauty. ‘Your Beauty!’
Don’t worry, everything will make sense… just take that step.. the leap of faith.

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  1. Zaffy says:

    I really proud that you are finally emerging out of that phase.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 😊


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