Another shot at love

I know it sounds deranged the last time around with love you had you were certain that it was it. You could fight the world to be together, it just made perfect sense. But then it ended, due to something; anything. It ended in a way that was so enormously crushing and painful that you swore to yourself you were never going to fall in love ever again. You were never going to allow yourself to go that far with someone again. Sure, when you got lonely you were going to allow someone casually, or even go outs on dates to prove yourself wrong but they never worked out. You were so sure, it was all done for and now you would just have to settle.
I know you thought they were “The One”. I know they taught you that you were capable of feeling something so raw and so strong. I know you want to keep hanging on to that, if not for them, then for the way they made you feel. It is all in the human nature. You have spent such a great amount of time with them. They were once a part of you and in one way or another, has defined who you are today. So yes, you will think of them at some point. They will pop up on your timeline. You will come across old pictures of you two and wonder where they are today. If you weren’t doing this at all, I would argue that would be an issue, clearly we can erase them off completely.

I know how it all of this means nothing right now. I know this doesn’t fix the fact that your heart is still yearning. I know your mind is still consumed with what ifs. Perhaps you are even close to giving up on the idea of love.
But it will happen! It will start at as something so innocent. A look across the cafe. A moment at the bookstore when you reached for the same book. That swipe right instead of left. However you met this new person, the feeling of wanting to better comes along. It was their vibes that got you to overcome the fear and just listen to your gut instinct to give them your number. Just give them a shot, listen to your gut!
I know you promised yourself that you would keep a safe distance. No matter how cute they look or smart they are and how they can crack you up like no other. Not even when they make you extremely happy. Love was never going to be a thing that crossed your mind ever.

Trust me when I say this, we’ve all made mistakes when it comes to love. We’ve all been the one who’s cared more and fallen for the person who’s cared less. And you’re scared which is valid. Because loving someone new after having one or multiple bad endings to relationships, is absolutely frightening. But what if its different with this one and you know it? Even though you are fighting it with everything you have. The map on your heart leads to them, they just make you feel, calm and safe.

It may not be so soon or even sooner than you expect, you will never know! So when this happens, when you meet someone who makes you feel like maybe loving again is worth the risk, you don’t let them go. So as hard as it is, as much as it hurts, have faith in the universe and have faith in yourself that you will fall in love again. Give it another shot, for the sake of that beautiful beating heart you hide inside. Just let things flow and let trust the process!



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  1. colinandray says:

    Somebody once said “It is better to have loved and to have lost, than never to have loved at all.” I would suggest an addition – “Pity those who have never loved.”

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