The Crescent moon

Lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling , I wonder if all my life I have concealed my emotions why is this one consuming me? Why a heartbreak is making me feel so differently about myself. Going back and forth to those times, thinking of how any of it could make sense. It... Continue Reading →


Like a shadow

Siting with a cup of coffee and drinking away my pain. I don't still know if the pain was rejection, abandonment or my fear of losing someone I love. I feel like a puddle of endless emotions. I wonder whether it was love at all ! I am at a standstill; I guess it was... Continue Reading →

Fall between the cracks

Siting by the waterfall I thought to myself “Why do they say I have a scattered or unpredictable behavior or that I am too harsh on people sometimes?”…..“Why is it so easy for someone to come and tell me that I am not good enough?”… “Why do people think that I just want to rebel... Continue Reading →

Dark mornings 

  Bright sunny mornings still hurt my eyes, I want to stay in all day with the curtains closed inside my blanket.I don't like it, but I have to drag myself out to college. Feeling heavy inside and wearing a fake smile outside. I have to get up and live even if it is little... Continue Reading →


He was a lone traveler and I, just a simple person living in my alternate reality. He came to the city I lived in, searching for himself; a meaning to his life because that’s who he was a man who loved to travel. Instead he found me. He showed me a beautiful world, he showed... Continue Reading →

Craving for a shaft of light

By the end, leaves and flowers shed making it the past and moving towards the future. The nature talks less about abandonment and its excruciating pain. It more over states “letting go” and “giving”. No matter how many times anyone goes to another place whether for a day or a month, the goodbyes don’t get... Continue Reading →

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