Letter for the lost love

Dear Old love, Today, I would do anything to have you read this letter as I just wanted to tell you with gone, it has all become better and clearer. I thought of love as a fairy tale, like any other teenage girl. The princess, the prince, the love and the happily ever after. After... Continue Reading →


A New Door

The sun rose this morning, I woke up happy. As I was drinking my coffee, a simple yet powerful thought crossed my mind. I remembered my best friend ask me once, why are you feeling so much? So much for a person who made a choice to leave you? Really why would you give such... Continue Reading →

The lost star

"The reason it is not how you wanted it to be, the reason they get away, the reason it didn't happen is not always because of a person but mostly circumstance and time " I tell myself and take in a deep breath. It has been bothering me for a while, hanging on top of... Continue Reading →

Dissolve into love

Tonight I wonder why the moon did not come out, it never occurred to me that I am going to miss it this much. It used to fill my hollows with a sliver light, my mind with hope. I had neither now, did I trick myself into love? I wondered . I feel so low,... Continue Reading →

The Cracks

Walking back home, I told myself that I was okay and it will all be okay. I did for a month now. Everything slowly has started making sense to me, I have finally let gone of all that hurt me. It was not easy, that I know but I also know that when it all... Continue Reading →

Little Mumbles

Sometimes the breathing gets  heavier and truth gets lighter, it's over and now no hope would revive what was. Maybe somewhere I don't want a revival , for I think the type of love I believe in is out there but will come with the right time . Some people’s emotions go deeper than others,... Continue Reading →


I felt confused until this day, confident yet confused. I know all is over, nothing that I can really do since it works two ways... But more than closure, I just to want to now know whether it was love at all? When he left me without a closure, apart from missing him with every... Continue Reading →

The best part of me

On a call yesterday with one of my childhood friends, revisiting all our memories from family to relationships ... I thought to myself... "Oh! how lucky am I to have certain people in my life even if they are distant they are still my people " Some friends are like family, sometimes even more than... Continue Reading →

The Melancholic Smile

I sat by the window with a cup of coffee as I watched the raindrops touch the ground making a pleasant sound, just then I felt tear drop roll down my cheek. We live in a world full of pain. Where love is blind and words are left in vain. Where trust is lost and... Continue Reading →

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