Out of sight, Out of mind

Life happens to everyone. Inevitably priorities change and so too does your relationships, but you adapt and that’s how you keep going. This can sure be the reason that so many relationships break up too. Things aren’t the same. You don’t spend anywhere near enough time together how you did. You miss them but can’t tell them and it’s okay.
So it’s not so much a case of out of sight out of mind but more a case of having to focus on something else and in turn creating a new life into which your old one doesn’t really fit. The other is still on the old one. You see, two people are on different pages. So, they make a choice, move on with their lives or try or notice. Just a choice.

The truth is, like Nicholas Sparks said “People come, people go – they’ll drift in and out of your life.” Friends come and go, but your person is supposed to stay by your side through thick and thin.
Everybody ” has a person”. Being someone’s person is not just something you say, it is something you promise. You promise to always support them, love them, and be their person until the end of time. Hold on to your person for as long as possible.
It also means even if you’re being left behind, you support your person. One of the hardest things to do is letting people move on. You will support them through all of their future adventures, successes, and friendships. They will be your person and you will be there for them, even if they do not need you anymore… in shadows but you respect them and let them walk their path. You have to.

So, no matter what relationship it is, it’s going to move in a way you don’t know… you can’t control. There would be things someone can do wrong, but sometimes time makes them look wrong too. There would be messed up times, life is not a cup of tea. We make choices, we go wrong … everyone goes wrong. But, would we start again?
That’s the thing, it’s never out of sight, out of mind. People choose and walk their paths often it is nothing to do with you. It seems so weird, sometimes we feel too much and sometimes we feel stuck.
Sometimes we just need to do nothing. Let ourselves heal, physically or emotionally. Let situations settle. Turn towards gentle self-care and relaxing deep breaths and sit with the pain. It will pass, whether we’re fussing about it or not. And sometimes all the fussing can make it worse. So, I ask myself, ‘what if all I have to do is give this space and time to heal?’ And often, that’s enough.




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